Specialist marketing advice for IT companies
Marketing technology products or services to other businesses can seem to be a particularly tricky task.

Just how do you promote and describe clear business benefits, while providing sufficient technical detail to your audience? And how can you differentiate your product from competing solutions?

Debbie Beech of Sylvatica combines a technical background with marketing expertise gained from over 25 years of working for both national and international IT companies. Whatever the size of your organisation, my aim is to enhance your marketing capabilities through a flexible range of Services in order to achieve tangible results from your marketing investment.

When we first meet, Sylvatica Clients are typically seeking:
  • A fresh approach to their marketing - possibly with a new product or new market idea
  • Or more effective marketing - such as boosting the number and quality of sales leads
  • Or additional resource to support specific projects including market research, re-branding, campaign or website development.

Whatever your requirements, please don't hesitate to contact Sylvatica Marketing for a more detailed discussion, or to arrange a free initial consultation.